Wrapping up the fall semester

As we enter the final week of the fall semester it's time to begin looking towards what we can expect to see in January.


The final weekly schedule for the spring semester remains undecided at this time. There a few possible options:

Last name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  A B   A B
A–K In-person In-person e-learning e-learning e-learning
L–Z e-learning e-learning e-learning In-person In-person

Wednesdays on this schedule will always be e-learning (even for the exception below). On a normal week they will not be considered an A or a B day but rather a combined or "traditional" day with 45 minute class periods.

However, in January there will be two weeks where there is no school on Monday: the first week of school (no school on Monday, January 4th - the first day back is Tuesday, January 5th) and the week of Martin Luther King, Jr. day (no school on Monday, January 18th). For these two weeks, the schedule could look like the following:

Last name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    A B A B
A–K No school In-person e-learning e-learning e-learning
L–Z No school e-learning e-learning In-person In-person

In this case the block scheduling is shifted so that Wednesday becomes a B day. However, if this option is taken, then it will mean that the B day students whose last names start with A–K will not receive in-person instruction during these two weeks. There is another option for these two weeks that's currently being considered as well.

At this time no final decision has been made on any of these schedules and likely none will be made until January.

If the hybrid schedule is adopted then we will be planning around putting all of our labs in-person accordingly. Since the e-learning blocks are all grouped next to one another for each group of students, we can count them as one 135 minute period (90 + 90 + 45) spread across three days. Due dates for e-learning assignments will be tricky in this regard, but in some cases assignments will not be due until the following Wednesday / Friday.

Content: Chemistry I students

Here's the tentative topic schedule for Chemistry I:

Week 1
(01/05 — 01/08)
  • Naming
    • Binary ionic
    • Binary molecular
    • Ternary
  • Ionic bonding
Week 2
(01/11 — 01/15)
  • Naming
  • Valence electrons
  • Electrons in atoms
  • Atomic emission spectra
  • Electron configurations

Content: Integrated Chemistry/Physics students

Here's the tentative topic schedule for ICP:

Week 1
(01/05 — 01/08)
  • Electricity
  • Static electricity
Week 2
(01/11 — 01/15)
  • Circuits
  • Voltage

Happy holidays!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again in the spring! Please email me if you have any questions or comments. Good luck on your finals and have a good break!